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Kolkata The name has a sweet scent in the mouth of many people who've had the pleasure of tasting Kolkata's Roshogolla or The Mishti Doi that the city is so well-known for. But there's more to this city of joy that just. Since we're here, let's get on the yellow taxi and take an adventure to learn additional interesting details about Kolkata.

Despite the slur that is associated with prostitution, red-light districts in Kolkata continue to flourish in catering to the needs of the city's residents and tourists. If you're thinking of visiting a red-light location in Kolkata, it is essential to keep in mind to treat sexual personnel with respect as well as respect. They are human beings entitled to be treated with respect. It is necessary to remember that they aren't commodities or objects; they are people worthy of the fundamental rights of human beings.

In the following sections, we'll examine Kolkata's most famous red light zones and their locations and charges. By examining the many aspects of these zones and their locations, we'll be able to give insights into this often-overlooked aspect of Kolkata's society. So put on your seat belts and adventure into the heart of Kolkata's red-light areas.

What's the purpose that pimps play in the Sonagachi?

Pimps are a major player in the sex business in Sonagachi. They serve as intermediaries between sexual employees and customers and often receive part of the income.

Check TOP 10 Red Light Area in Kolkata , West Bengal

  1. Sonagachi Red Light Area, Kolkata
  2. Kalighat Red Light Area
  3. Bowbazar Red Light District, Kolkata
  4. Lebu Bagan : Red-light district in north Kolkata
  5. Baruipur, Red Light Area, Kolkata
  6. Kidderpore : South Kolkata’s Bustling Red-Light District
  7. Behala, Red Light Area, Kolkata
  8. Garden Reach, Red Light Area In Kolkata
  9. Tollygunge, Red Light Area In Kolkata
  10. Burrabazar Red Light Area, Kolkata

Why Sonagachi is Famous Red Light Area is Famous and Popular Building

Sonagachi is located within North Kolkata, is the most populated red-light zone, not just located in Kolkata but also across Asia. Prostitution is a long-standing issue within Sonagachi as well. It is estimated that there are approximately 15,000 sexually active people. Brothels are a part of Sonagachi and sex users are offered medical care and other services. Some brothels that are organized may offer health services for their sex workers, however illegal brothels typically don't. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like for instance the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC) are currently providing medical assistance and healthcare for sex workers.

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