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When we hear "Kamasutra" in our time we think of couples engaged in sexually sexy twirls. The Kamasutra is definitely like however, there's another aspect, which we'll discover by going back to the origins from the prehistoric texts that gave us"the "Kama Sutra" today.

  • Doggy style position
  • Andromache's position
  • Position of Indra
  • Courtesan position
  • Bamboo pose
  • Tiger Union
  • Spooning posture
  • Butterfly Union
  • Missionary Dance
  • Missionary position

KamaSutra Beyond the sexual roles that were described by India sixteen centuries earlier, the contemporary Kamasutra symbolizes today an opportunity to a more tranquil art of living . A place that is dedicated to your pleasure and your sexual desires The Boutique has an array of lingerie, accessories and wellness products.

Kolkata Escorts Kolkata Escorts
Kolkata Escorts Kolkata Escorts